My research work (he :) research work … sounds classy doesn’t it ) is currently concentrated on two differing subjects:

1. Seamless terminal mobility over Wireless LAN - This is quite easy to explain. Imagine using your PDA as a VoIP phone over WiFi … or imagine using one of these WiFi phones that are sprouting lately. Well right now if you walk too far away from your access point and you’d either experience a short interruption (1-2s) while switching your current AP or completely lose connectivity. Things get even worse if the AP that you’re trying to switch to belongs to a different subnet.

My participation in the project is (among others) part of this research topic.

2. Local address selection and NAT and firewall traversal - NATs and firewalls … what a pain. These have been causing headaches to VoIP (and many other) programmers for quite a while. Various techniques exist for dealing with them but few are those that are both lightweight and reliable. To that problem you add the fact that more and more hosts today are configured to use various IP addresses (due to multiple interfaces, IPv6, STUN, TURN and others) and you have a problem quite worthy of your thesis time.